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Perk may refer to:



  • August Perk (1897-1945), anti-Nazi German resistance fighter
  • Brian Perk (born 1989), American soccer player
  • Ralph Perk (1914-1999), American politician
  • nickname of Percy Galbraith (1898-1961), Canadian National Hockey League forward
  • nickname of Kendrick Perkins (born 1984), American National Basketball Association player

Other uses[edit]

  • Employee benefit, also known as a perk, various non-wage compensations provided as extra to wages
  • Tetrachloroethylene, a chemical used for dry-cleaning, referred to in British English as Perk
  • Thermodynamic beta, a fundamental quantity in statistical mechanics
  • EIF2AK3, a human enzyme, often abbreviated as PERK
  • Perk, a bonus which gives a video game character a special ability

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