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Perry's Landing, located in on the Brazos River in Jones Creek, Brazoria County, Texas, is named for James Franklin Perry.[1] There is an Historical Marker[2][3] for James Franklin Perry at the Gulf Prairie Cemetery.

Postal service and name change[edit]

A Postmaster for Perry's Landing was established on December 7, 1871.[4] Postal Service to Perry's Landing was discontinued April 20, 1893, but a new postmaster was named and service began again on March 6, 1894 under the name "Perry Landing."[4] The postal office continued to operate until 1929.[5]

Perry's Landing was the original name of Peach Point Plantation.[5] Perry's Landing is located approximately 18 miles south of Angleton, Texas.[5]

Community development[edit]

By 1884, Perry's Landing had a church, a school, and a general store.[5] There were then thirty residents.[5] Perry's Landing also had warehouses from which local industry could ship commodities such as sugar, cotton, and molasses.[5] By the start of World War I in 1914, Perry's Landing had more than tripled in population, with over 100 residents. Industry grew there too, including a syrup manufacturer and three general stores.[5]

Perry's Landing Steam Ferry Company[edit]

The Perry's Landing Steam Ferry Company[6] assisted locals, visitors and transients to cross of the Brazos River. The ferry could accommodate at least four mules and a wagon filled with supplies.[7] The company was filed with the State of Texas on April 2, 1888.[6]

Present day[edit]

Though not a central business district with its own postmaster today, Perry's Landing remains relevant to Texas history, and is still located in the town of Jones Creek, Texas.


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