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Perry Stephens (February 14, 1958 - September 8, 2005), born Perry Stephens Moody in Frankfurt, Germany, was an American actor known primarily for his roles on daytime soap operas, including the role of Jack Forbes on Loving from 1983 to 1990 and Steve Crown on The Bold and the Beautiful in 1993. He also starred as John F. Kennedy in the television movie biopic of Marilyn Monroe, From Norma Jean to Marilyn, and played smarmy studio publicity agent Jack Sweeney on AMC's comic series about a 1930s movie studio, The Lot. In 1993, he starred in the role of the journalist anti-mafia Perry on the Italian-Argentine telenovela "Micaela".

Stephens grew up in Decatur, Alabama, attended Samford University in Birmingham and went on to perform in musical theater in Nashville early in his career. In addition to appearing in several movies, Stephens was a guest on a number of popular television shows, including L.A. Heat, Wings and Family Matters, as well as a 1996 cameo on the hit show Frasier as Stan the bartender. In the fall of 1997, He played Mr. Anderson, Scott Whyte's father on City Guys in which he appeared for three seasons. In 2001, Stephens returned to the stage in the play Judah Ben-Hur.

Perry Stephens was also a very talented singer and was very successful in several countries among them South Africa.

He died of liver failure at age 47 on September 8, 2005.

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