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The word Persianism is used to describe any process of forming or transforming a phenomenon into something which has Persian (Iranian) traits and peculiarities.

Persianism can also mean a school of thought which emphasises the study of Persian culture and informing others about it. It is said by the scholar Ofira Seliktar that Shi'ism and Persianism overlap in Iran.[1]

The scholar Muhammad Iqbal wrote, "The conquest of Persia meant not the conversion of Persia to Islam, but the conversion of Islam to Persianism!"[2]

Speaking of how the Persians regained governance of their country, the scholar Philip Khuri Hitti writes, "Arabianism fell, but Islam under a new guise, that of Persianism, marched on triumphantly."[3]

In the field of linguistics, Persianism is the Persian pronunciation of a word.


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