Persuasive Percussion

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Cover of Enoch Light's first Command release, Persuasive Percussion

Persuasive Percussion was an LP album performed by Terry Snyder and the All Stars and released in 1959 by Command Records (run by Enoch Light). The packaging includes the first use of the gatefold cover which, upon being unfolded, lists information about each selection. The liner notes state that the album may be used to test audio equipment, due to the stereo placement of sounds independently in either the left or right channel (something common today, but extremely innovative in 1959). The album cover artwork, by Josef Albers, is minimalistic in style, consisting of an arrangement of dots. The album was the first volume in a series of Persuasive Percussion releases. Provocative Percussion was the second release of the Percussion albums. Both Persuasive Percussion and Provocative Percussion had four volumes released over the next several years.

In August 1960, Persuasive Percussion was No. 1 on The Billboard's Stereo Action Album chart.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "I'm in the Mood for Love"
  2. "Whatever Lola Wants"
  3. "Misirlou"
  4. "I Surrender Dear"
  5. "Orchids in the Moonlight"
  6. "I Love Paris"
  7. "My Heart Belongs to Daddy"
  8. "Tabú"
  9. "Breeze and I"
  10. "Aloha Oe"
  11. "The Japanese Sandman"
  12. "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing"



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