Peruvian huacatay

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Peruvian huacatay
Alternative namesHuacatay pepper, cream huacatay, Peruvian black mint sauce huacatay.
Place of originPeru
Associated national cuisinePeru
Created byunknown
Cooking time
Main ingredientsHuacatay.
Ingredients generally usedBlack mint, potato, biscuit, cheese, vegetable oil, salt.
Similar dishesPapa a la huancaina

Cream of black mint[1], also known by other names like: Peruvian black mint, black mint sauce or green cream; is a cream sauce prepared with the leaves of black mint, and blended with other ingredients to accompany various Peruvian dishes. Although it is a cream sauce especially for Peruvian parrillada and Peruvian pollada, it is prepared for other less common meals. Cream of black mint has a green color, thick texture, and pleasant taste. Its preparation is easy, and the time you need to make it is quick.

Gastronomic context[edit]

The cream is prepared with Huacatay leaves, an herb native to the Andes, which is found growing wild in many fields and small farms; its cultivation is not official, because it is self-propagating and used by the locals in their condiments. It is similar to the Paico herb, which is also edible, and is used in a soup called "Sopa de Paico" (Paico soup). The herb Huacatay is a green plant and has a pleasant smell.

In Peru and other Latin American countries, the Huacatay leaves are crushed using a fulling mill, a tool of stone that serves as a traditional blender that substitutes for this device. In effect, this achieves a less fine ground, but allows greater absorption of flavor. Huacatay cream sauce is traditionally used in the preparation of chicken parties or barbecues. Many housewives prepare this cream any day of the year.


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