Pet Lamb

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Pet Lamb
Origin Dublin, Ireland
Years active 1991–2000
Labels Blunt, Roadrunner
Past members
  • Brian Mooney
  • Dylan Philips
  • Kevin Talbot
  • James Lillis
  • David Lacey

Pet Lamb were a Dublin-based rock band formed in 1991. They released two albums before splitting in 2000.


The band's initial line-up was Brian Mooney (vocals, guitar), Dylan Philips (vocals, guitar), Kevin Talbot (bass guitar), and James Lillis (drums).[1] Irish independent record label Blunt Records released two EP's, Paranoid From The Neck Down (1992) and Spent (1993). Influenced by The Jesus Lizard and Butthole Surfers, they played support slots for Therapy?, Nomeansno, Babes In Toyland.[1]

In February 1994 they recorded their first Peel session for BBC Radio.[2] This brought interest from Roadrunner Records, who signed them, releasing the single "Black Mask" and in late 1994 the label combined the tracks from the Blunt EPs on the album Sweaty Handshake.[1] The album got a 9/12 rating from Hot Press.[3]

In July 1995 they recorded their second Peel session.[4] They released the single "Where Did Your Plans Go?" that year, described by Melody Maker as "noisy nonsense".[5] In December that year they recorded their first studio album for Roadrunner with producer Martin Bisi in New York. The album, High Anxiety, was not completed, the band being dropped by the label.[1]

In 1996 drummer James Lillis left the band and was replaced by multi instrumentalist David Lacey. In 1997 they recorded their final album Tenderness, released on Blunt Records in 1998.[1]

The band split up in 2000.

The album High Anxiety was released on Spotify in 2014


  • Brian Mooney — vocals, guitar (1991–2000)
  • Dylan Philips — vocals, guitar (1991–2000)
  • Kevin Talbot — bass guitar (1991–2000)
  • James Lillis — drums (1991–1996)
  • Dave Lacey — drums, vocals (1996–2000)


Studio Albums[edit]

  • High Anxiety (Recorded in 1996) Released 2014 on Spotify
  • Tenderness (1998), Blunt


  • Paranoid From The Neck Down (1992), Blunt
  • Spent (1993), Blunt


  • "Black Mask" (1994), Roadrunner
  • "Where Did Your Plans Go?" (1995), Roadrunner

Compilation appearances[edit]

  • "Son Of John Doe" : Volume Twelve (1994)
  • "Don't Phase Me" : Zip Up Your Boot For The Showbands (1996)
  • "Baby, I Love You" : Various Artists - Hot Shots (1998)


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