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Peta Teanet was a South African disco musician of Shangaan descent.[1]

He lived at Thapane village, in Bolobedu south at Ga-Modjadji. He was killed by a policeman during an argument. He attended school at Khwekhwe High School. He was born in Soweto. His debut album, Maxaka (we are relatives) was recorded in 1988. His music was influenced by Paul Ndlovu. He is the third born of Emma Teanet who was also a musician. He was one of the xitsonga disco musician. The former ward 11 under Greater Tzaneen Municipality, Mopani District, has now changed its name to Peta Teanet ward.

The death of this legendary man can better be explained by the Acornhoek residents, this is where Peta teanet was last seen performing. Acornhoek the Death place of the king of Xitsonga Disco


  • (1988) Maxaka
  • (1989) Divorce Case
  • (1990) More Hits From Peta Teanet
  • (1991) The Real Peta Teanet
  • (1992) Saka Naye Jive


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