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PET Container Recycling Europe, commonly known as Petcore, is a Brussels-based non-profit European trade association.


Petcore was founded in 1993 to promote the collection, sorting and recycling of post-consumer PET bottles. It networks with national collection agencies, governments, and the recycling industry.[citation needed]

Used PET, or polyethylene terephthalate bottles are light-weight but once collected, sorted and pressed into bales, they become a valuable raw material for a range of products. End markets for recycled PET include polyester fibre, sheet, strapping, and new bottles.

PET collection[edit]

In 2011, 1,587,000 tons of PET were collected and recycled in Europe, representing a collection rate of over 51 percent. This collection has been growing by an average of 20% per year but the rate is slowing as collection schemes in most EU countries are maturing. (Source: PCI PET Packaging report for Petcore and EuPR)

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