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Peter ("Pete") Eyre (born 1981) is a voluntaryist and anarchist activist and former "Crasher-in-Chief" of Bureaucrash.


Eyre received his undergraduate degree in law enforcement, ethnic studies, and sociology from Minnesota State University (Mankato). He received a master's degree in law enforcement and justice administration from Western Illinois University, completing a thesis on medical marijuana.[1] As a student, Eyre was active in the College Libertarians, Alpha Phi Sigma, and Phi Kappa Phi. He interned with the Cato Institute and was a Koch Fellow at the Drug Policy Alliance.[1] He then worked at the Institute for Humane Studies for two and a half years, where he served as director of the Campus Network program.

Eyre took over the Crasher-in-Chief position at Bureaucrash. He left that position on April 1 of 2009 to and started the Motorhome Diaries project with his friends Jason Talley and Adam Mueller. In January 2010 he, Talley, and Mueller founded Cop Block, an organization that videotapes police in the performance of their duties.[1] He later worked as an outreach consultant for the Future of Freedom Foundation and was involved in the Free Keene movement and Free State Project in New Hampshire.[2]

Liberty on Tour[edit]

Between August and November 2010, Eyre and Ademo Freeman embarked on a natiowide tour called "Liberty on Tour". Over 13 weeks they visited 13 major cities: New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Denver, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Austin, New Orleans, Jones County, Atlanta, and Miami. During their trip they were arrested for videotaping a police stop.[3]

On January 24, 2010 Eyre was arrested for refusing to remove his hat in a courtroom in Keene, New Hampshire.[4] The arrest was captured on video and posted on several social media outlets online,[5] and also led to the creation of


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