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Peter Albert Michael Haden-Guest, 4th Baron Haden-Guest (29 August 1913 – 8 April 1996), was a British United Nations diplomat and member of the British House of Lords. A dancer and choreographer who performed as Peter Michael with the Markova-Dolin Ballet, Ballet Divertissement, Ballet Theatre, Ballet Joos, and the Repertory Dance Theatre from 1935 until 1945, Haden-Guest was a United Nations official from 1946 to 1972.[1] He inherited his title in 1987.

Haden-Guest was the third son of Leslie Haden-Guest, 1st Baron Haden-Guest and Muriel Carmel (née Goldsmid), daughter of Albert Goldsmid (Muriel was the 1st Baron's second wife). Peter Haden-Guest's father was a convert to Judaism who had later "renounced" the religion.[2][3][4] Haden-Guest's maternal grandparents were both converts to Judaism, though both were of partial Jewish ancestry.[5] Haden-Guest was an atheist.[6]

Haden-Guest was married twice, his wives being:

  • Elisabeth Wolpert (née Louise Ruth Wolpert, 1910—2002), a German-born writer and socialite better known as Elisabeth Furse; she and Peter Haden-Guest married in 1939 and divorced in 1945. They had one child, Anthony Haden-Guest (2 February 1937—)
  • Jean Pauline Hindes, whom he married in 1945. They had three children: Christopher (1948—), Nicholas (1951—), and Elissa (1953—).

Upon his death, Lord Haden-Guest was succeeded by his son Christopher, an actor who is married to the actress Jamie Lee Curtis. Lord Haden-Guest's eldest son, New York journalist Anthony Haden-Guest, was born before his parents were married and was thus ineligible for the title.


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Peerage of the United Kingdom
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