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Peter Maddocks (born 1 April 1928) is a British cartoonist.

Maddocks has contributed to many of the UK's leading Daily and Sunday national papers with cartoon series such as Four D. Jones in the Daily Express in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

He has also created children's animated series for the BBC including The Family Ness, Penny Crayon, Jimbo and the Jet-Set and The Caribou Kitchen.


Maddocks was born in Birmingham. In 1939 he won a scholarship to the Moseley School of Art in that city. He was taught by a man named Norman Pett at the Moseley School of Art. At the age of 15, Maddocks decided to leave school and join the Merchant Navy from 1943–1949.[1]


After his 6 years in the Navy, he set up his own advertising agency where he designed cinema posters and wrote western series. He produced his first cartoons for the Daily Sketch from 1953–1954. From 1955-1965 he worked for the Daily Express where he created his infamous comic strip 'Four D. Jones'. In this comic, a cowboy traveled in the fourth dimension. This comic was a success for 10 years for the Sunday Express. He later became the Cartoon Editor for Express Newspapers from 1965-1966 and from 1968-1971 was the Special Features Editor of King Magazine. Maddocks characters tend to have google eyes with splayed out fingers.[1]


Maddocks has made contributions to the following:

  • Daily Star
  • Daily Record
  • Manchester Evening News
  • Mail on Sunday
  • Private Eye
  • Daily Mirror
  • Daily Telegraph
  • Evening Standard
  • Evening News
  • Sunday Telegraph
  • Mayfair
  • Woman's Own[1]


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