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Peter Margasak is a music critic who wrote for the Chicago Reader from 1993 to 2018.[1] In 2013, he founded and began curating the Frequency Series - a weekly series which was dedicated to showcase the new musicians at the Chicago venue Constellation.[2] In 2016, Margasak launched The Frequency Festival, a week-long version of the Frequency Series featuring new musicians from the Chicago area each day and twice on Sunday.[3] The third annual Frequency Festival took place from February 20 to 25, 2018.[4] In September 2018, he announced he would be leaving the Chicago Reader to attend the American Academy in Rome as part of its Visiting Artists & Scholars Program.[1]

Before he started working for the Chicago Reader, Margasak published the zine Butt Rag, which he started as a sophomore in college.[5] A total of nine issues of Butt Rag were published, and one of them attracted the attention of three Chicago Reader employees, including the then-editor-in-chief Michael Lenehan. After they saw Butt Rag, they decided to offer Margasak a job at the Reader, in the hopes of bringing some of the zine's snarky writing to the Reader's pages.[1][6]


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