Peter Marquardt

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Peter Marquardt
Born July 1, 1964
Died July 19, 2014(2014-07-19) (aged 50)
Austin, Texas, United States
Occupation Actor, producer
Years active 1992–2011
Known for El Mariachi

Peter Charles Marquardt (July 1, 1964 – July 19, 2014) was an American actor and video game producer.[1]

He was best known for his debut film role as the drug lord Moco (Spanish for "booger") in Robert Rodriguez's 1992 action film El Mariachi. He landed the role following a chance encounter with Rodriguez at a research facility, where both men were volunteering as test subjects for cholesterol-lowering medication. Rodriguez cast Marquardt in the Spanish-language El Mariachi despite the fact that Marquardt did not speak Spanish.[2]

Marquardt reprised the role of Moco for a flashback sequence in Rodriguez's next film, Desperado. He later appeared in Rodriguez's Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over and starred in the 2011 horror-thriller The Shadow People.

Outside of film acting, Marquardt was an associate producer on several video games for Ion Storm, including Deus Ex and Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom. He also co-produced Dominion: Storm Over Gift 3.[3]

Marquardt died in Austin, Texas on July 19, 2014. He was 50.[2][3]


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