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Not to be confused with Peter Nevill.

Peter Neville (died August 9, 2002) was a further education lecturer and sociologist known for his activity in and writings about the anarchist and peace movements in the United Kingdom.

Neville spent forty years of his life participating in these movements, and during those years he wrote articles on various topics. His work has appeared in a number of publications, including the anarchist newspaper Freedom, Total Liberty (the "journal of evolutionary anarchism"),[1] and The Raven: Anarchist Quarterly, an anarchist journal in which he wrote on the subject of power. Throughout the 1990s, Neville organised the London Anarchist Forum.

The writings of Herbert Read, especially the essays Existentialism and Marxism and Anarchism, inspired him to become an anarchist.

He died on August 9, 2002 at age 69. Obituaries for him appear in issue 18 of volume 63 of Freedom and issue 3 of volume 3 of Total Liberty, in which Neville's last article was published.


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