Peter Searcy

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Peter Searcy
Peter Searcy at The Saint Asbury Park NJ.jpg
Peter Searcy performing an acoustic set at The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ, April 27, 2012
Background information
Origin United States Louisville, Kentucky
Genres Rock, Punk rock
Instruments Vocals, Guitar, Cello
Years active 1984 – present
Associated acts Squirrel Bait
Big Wheel
The Glasspack
Fanci Pantz
Andy Patalan

Peter Searcy is a musician from Louisville, Kentucky.

Spin Magazine, Scott Irwin, and Amanda Green have compared Searcy's straightforward songwriting style and voice to those of Paul Westerberg.[1][2] Like Paul Westerberg of The Replacements, Searcy is a veteran of the post-punk scene.[1] Searcy was the frontman of the Louisville punk group Squirrel Bait in the 1980s. After Squirrel Bait disbanded, Searcy (along with Squirrel Bait drummer Ben Daughtrey) formed a funk-rock group called Fanci Pantz. Fanci Pantz garnered a lot of praise and major label attention, but they broke up before they could record an album. After the demise of Fanci Pantz, Searcy joined Big Wheel in 1989, which released three albums (two on Mammoth Records) before breaking up in 1993. His next band, Starbilly, released only one album, after which Searcy began performing solo. He released one album, produced by Tim Patalan [3] entitled, "Could You Please and Thank You," on Time Bomb Recordings in 2000. Its style has been compared to that of the Counting Crows and The Wallflowers.[2] The album was followed by a self-released EP and a second full-length album on Initial Records in 2004, followed by Spark, now on Label X & Toucan Cove Entertainment.

Peter is a licensed real estate agent.[4]



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