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Peter Ouroussoff (Russian: Пётр Урусов) was a Tatar prince who killed False Dmitry II on 11 December 1610.[1] The event was described by Hetman Stanisław Żółkiewski in his memoirs:[2]

Having drunk deep at dinner...he ordered a sleigh to be harnessed, taking flasks of mead to the sleigh. Coming out into the open country, he drank with some boyars. Prince Peter Ouroussoff, together with those several score horsemen with whom he was in league, was riding after him, apparently escorting him. And when the imposter had drunk very well with the boyars, Ouroussoff drew from his holster a pistol which he had ready, and galloping up to the sleigh first shot him with the pistol, then cutting off his head and hand with his saber, took to the road.

The name can also refer to another Prince Peter Ouroussoff, who with English entrepreneur Peter Maddox founded the Bolshoi Theater.[3]

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