Peter of Lencastre, 5th Duke of Aveiro

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Peter de Lencastre
marquis of Torres Novas
Duques Aveiro.GIF
Coat of arms of Lencastre dukes of Aveiro
5th Duke of Aveiro
Reign1666 - 1673
PredecessorRaimundo, 4th Duke of Aveiro
SuccessorMaria, 6th Duchess of Aveiro
HouseHouse of Aviz
FatherÁlvaro, 3rd Duke of Aveiro
MotherJuliana de Lencastre
ReligionRoman Catholicism

Pedro de Lencastre, or Peter of Lencastre (Azeitão, 1608 – Lisbon, 1673), was the youngest son of Álvaro and Juliana of Lencastre, 3rd Dukes of Aveiro.

He studied theology in the University of Coimbra and he became successively Bishop of Guarda, Archbishop of Évora and Archbishop of Braga.

In spite of the Portuguese revolution against the Spanish Habsburgs, his nephew, Raimundo of Lencastre, 4th Duke of Aveiro actively supported the rights of the Habsburg Kings and, in 1663, the new King of the Braganza Dynasty, John IV, decided to confiscate the Dukedom.

However, Peter of Lencastre, a Braganza supporter, requested the cancellation of this decision and, finally in 1668, he was recognised as 5th Duke of Aveiro and Marquis of Torres Novas.

Later the same year, when the peace between Portugal and Spain was signed, Peter's niece, Maria de Guadalupe of Lencastre, sister and heir of the 4th Duke, requested the cancellation of the decision that granted the Dukedom of Aveiro to her uncle, in order to obtain it for herself.

Due to Peter of Lencastre's death in 1673, Maria de Guadalupe of Lencastre, still living in Spain, was recognised as the new Duchess of Aveiro on condition she would return to Portugal.

Portuguese nobility
Preceded by
Raimundo of Lencastre
Armas dos Lencastres, Duques de Aveiro e Marqueses de Torres Novas
Marquis of Torres Novas

Succeeded by
last holder of the Marquisate
Preceded by
Raimundo of Lencastre
Armas dos Lencastres, Duques de Aveiro e Marqueses de Torres Novas
Duke of Aveiro

Succeeded by
Maria de Guadalupe of Lencastre
Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Diogo Lobo
Brasão episcopal
Bishop of Guarda

Succeeded by
Álvaro de São Boaventura
Preceded by
João Coutinho
Brasão arquiepiscopal
Archbishop of Évora

Succeeded by
Diogo de Sousa
Preceded by
Sebastião de Matos de Noronha
Brasão arquiepiscopal
Archbishop of Braga

Succeeded by
Veríssimo de Lencastre

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