Peter van der Fluit

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Peter van der Fluit
BornOctober 1963
NationalityNew Zealander
EducationUniversity of Auckland
Occupationmusician, composer, writer, producer, business person
Years active1980 - present

Peter van der Fluit (born 1963) is a musician, composer, writer, producer, and business person from Auckland, New Zealand. He was a founding member of the post-punk new wave band the Screaming Meemees.

Screaming Meemees[edit]

Van der Fluit formed the Screaming Meemees while still in high school at Rosmini College, with classmates Tony Drumm, Michael O'Neill, and Laurence "Yoh" Landwer-Johan.[1][2][3] After the inclusion of their single All Dressed Up on compilation album Class of 81 produced by Simon Grigg’s Propeller Records, Grigg signed the band to his label.[3] This was followed by the release of "See Me Go," the first New Zealand single ever to enter the charts at number one.[3] The band released three more top-40 singles and the album If this is Paradise, I'll Take the Bag.[3] The group disbanded in 1983, making its final public performance as the headliners of the 1983 Sweetwaters Music Festival.[3]


Van der Fluit returned to school after the break-up of the Screaming Meemees, earning a Masters in Music from University of Auckland in the late 1980s.[2] Upon completing his degree, van der Fluit moved to London, where he was in the band, Magik, which released an album and a number of singles.[2]

In 1993, Van der Fluit returned to Auckland.[1] In 1998 with former Meemees bandmate O'Neill, he founded Liquidstudios, which composes original music for the advertising, film, and television industries.[1][2][3] Among other achievements, Liquidstudios has won over twenty AXIS awards from the Communication Agencies Association of New Zealand, including the 2010 "Production Company of the Year” award.[2] Liquidstudios was the first audio company to earn that award.

Van der Fluit and O'Neill also composed Romeo and Juliet – The Rock Opera, which premiered in June 2010 at ArtsEd in London.[1][2] As part of the production arrangement, a small percentage of all future gross earnings from the musical will go to ArtsEd to fund its scholastic activities.[1] The partners have since adapted Romeo and Juliet – The Rock Opera into a feature film, funded by the New Zealand Film Commission.[1][2] Van der Fluit and O'Neill are also near completion of a second musical-rock opera, about the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr..[1]

Van der Fluit is also the co-author of Thought Miracles, published in 2002 (HarperCollins - ISBN 0732273897).


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