Petit Copter

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Petit Copter
Petit Copter Cover.jpg
Developer(s) Arc System Works
Sonic Powered
Publisher(s) Aqua System
Platform(s) PC
PlayStation 2
GameCube (cancelled)
PSP (cancelled)
  • JP: May 30, 2002

Petit Copter is a remote-control simulation video game for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC that involves piloting a helicopter. GameCube and PlayStation Portable versions were planned, but were cancelled.


A remake for Wii was in development around 2007 by Arc System Works and Sonic Powered and released in 2008.

There are said to be three modes of play:[1]

  1. Taking off and landing
  2. Picking up objects with a suction cup
  3. Shooting targets with a puff of air


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