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Tomb of Petosiris at Tuna el-Gebel

Petosiris, called Ankhefenkhons, was the high priest of Thoth at Hermopolis and held various priestly degrees in the service of Sakhmet, Khnum, Amen-Re and Hathor. The son of Sishu and Nefer-renpet, he lived in the second half of the 4th century BCE under Persian rule. In his tomb inscriptions (his tomb is in the necropolis at Tuna el-Gebel) he prided himself on having restored the fortunes of the temples in which he served.

There is a pseudepigraphic onomantic text, Petosiris to Nechepso, and it is possible that the priestly Petosiris described in this article is the inspiration for the attribution of authorship.[1] Nechepso lived in the 7th century BCE and that the text is likely 2nd century BCE.


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