Petrified Dunes

Coordinates: 38°40′20″N 109°34′49″W / 38.67222°N 109.58028°W / 38.67222; -109.58028
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A view of the Petrified Dunes in Arches National Park, June 2005

Petrified dunes are rock formations located in several locations of the American south west, including Arches National Park[1], Zion National Park[2], and Snow Canyon State Park[3] in southern Utah, United States. The formations were produced when ancient sand dunes hardened into stone under the overlying subsequent material, which later eroded away.[4]


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38°40′20″N 109°34′49″W / 38.67222°N 109.58028°W / 38.67222; -109.58028