Phạm Bỉnh Di

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Phạm Dân (範民, ? – 1209), courtesy name Bỉnh Di (秉彛, was a Vietnamese official who served Emperor Lý Cao Tông.


Phạm Dân's rivalry with another official, Phạm Du was the catalyst for violent events that significantly weakened the Lý court.[1]

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  1. ^ K. W. Taylor A History of the Vietnamese 2013 Page 103 "Pham Du was apparently not a eunuch, but he was very successful in gaining the king's ear because of the wealth he channeled to the king. It was the manner in which he gained his wealth that offered Pham Binh Di an opportunity to openly oppose him. The competition of these two men for the king's favor was the catalyst for an outbreak of violence that pulled the Ly court apart ......"