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Phase or phases may refer to:

In science[edit]

In physics[edit]

  • Phase (waves), the position of a point in time (an instant) on a waveform cycle
  • Instantaneous phase, generalization for both cyclic and non-cyclic phenomena
  • Phase (matter), a physically distinctive form of a substance or mixture, such as the solid, liquid, and gaseous states of ordinary matter — also referred to as a "macroscopic state"
  • Phase space, a mathematical space in which each possible state of a physical system is represented by a point — this equilibrium point is also referred to as a "microscopic state"
  • Polyphase system, a means of distributing alternating current electric power in multiple conducting wires with definite phase offsets
  • Phase problem, the loss of information (the phase) from a physical measurement
  • Phase factor, a complex scalar used in quantum mechanics
  • in Continuous Fourier transform, the angle of a complex coefficient representing the phase of one sinusoidal component

In other sciences[edit]

  • Archaeological phase, a discrete period of occupation at an archaeological site
  • Color phase, in biology, a group of individuals within a species with a particular coloration
  • Gametic phase, in genetics, the relationship between alleles at two chromosomal loci
  • Lunar phase, the appearance of the Moon as viewed from the Earth
  • Planetary phase, the appearance of the illuminated section of a planet
  • Phase separation, in physical chemistry, the separation of a liquid mixture into two immiscible liquids above and below a meniscus
  • Phase (syntax), in linguistics, a cyclic domain (proposed by Noam Chomsky)
  • Development of the human body, in cognitive psychology, occurs in 9 phases by age
  • In biology, a part of the cell cycle in which cells divide (mitosis) and/or reproduce (meiosis)

In entertainment[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Phase 10, a card game created by Fundex Games
  • Phase (video game), a 2007 music game for the iPod developed by Harmonix Music Systems
  • Phase (combat), usually a period of combat within a larger military operation
  • A musical composition using Steve Reich's phasing technique

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