Philip II, Marquis of Namur

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Philip II (1195–1226), called à la lèvre, was the margrave of Namur from 1212 to his death. He was the eldest son of the Peter II of Courtenay and Yolanda of Flanders. On the death of his maternal uncle Philip the Noble, Philip inherited Namur as the designated heir.

Philip had to fight the descendants of Henry IV of Luxembourg who had not given up their claim to Namur. He fought Waleran III of Limburg, husband of Ermesinda of Luxembourg, and concluded peace 13 February at Dinant. When his father died in 1217, Philip refused the empire and it fell to his brother Robert. In 1226, he partook in the Albigensian Crusade of Louis VIII of France and the siege of Avignon. The city fell, but epidemics had ravaged the army. Philip died near Saint-Flour in the Auvergne. He was unmarried and the margraviate went to his brother Henry.

Preceded by
Philip I
Margrave of Namur
Succeeded by
Henry II