Philip J. Fahy Memorial Bridge

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Phillip J. Fahy Memorial Bridge
The Philip J. Fahy Memorial Bridge.jpg
Carries 4 lanes of New Street, 2 sidewalks
Crosses Lehigh River
Locale Bethlehem (Center City) to Bethlehem (South Side)
Official name Phillip J. Fahy Memorial Bridge
Other name(s) Fahy Bridge
New Street Bridge
Toll Free

The Philip J. Fahy Memorial Bridge is a bridge that crosses the Lehigh River in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It is locally known as The Fahy Bridge, The Fahy, or The New Street Bridge.


On August 29, 1969, Officer Fahy and his partner Officer Merle Getz were on patrol when they attempted to stop a vehicle driven by a Bebley Wells. After pursuing the vehicle to an area off the Williams St. Ext. Wells exited his vehicle and immediately fired a shotgun at Officer Fahy mortally wounding him. Officer Getz was able to return fire striking Wells several times. Wells was later tried and convicted for the murder of Officer Fahy and died serving a life term for 1st degree murder in the Pennsylvania State Prison System in 2004. A bridge that spans the Lehigh River was named the Phillip J. Fahy Memorial Bridge in Officer Fahy’s honor.

Officer Philip J. Fahy

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