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Philip "Pinchy" Paul (died May 10, 1914) was an early New York labor racketeer who led an alliance of independent labor sluggers in an attempt to break the monopoly long held by Joseph "Joe the Greaser" Rosenweig and Benjamin "Dopey Benny" Fein resulting the

Philip Paul
Died10 May 1914
New York City, Norfolk Street
Cause of deathGunned down by Benjamin Snyder
OccupationLabor racketee
Known forMurdered by Benjamin Snyder

first Labor Slugger War. A "starker" for the Furriers Union, Paul became involved in an altercation with Rosenzweig at Rivington Street movie theater on May 8, 1914. He was eventually killed, gunned down on Norfolk Street, by Benjamin Snyder under orders from Rosenzweig. Rosenzweig was later indicted for Paul's murder and, agreeing to turn state's evidence along with Fein, would bring an end to the first Labor Slugger War.


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