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Philip Anthony Sessarego (31 December 1952 – November 2008) was a former soldier of the British Army, conman, and best-selling author of the book Jihad! The Secret War in Afghanistan that was released prior to the 11 September attacks. Sessarego served in the Royal Artillery for a few years and underwent SAS Selection but failed twice. In 1993, Sessarego faked his own death claiming he was killed by a car bomb in Croatia. He was seen on television around 2001 under the name Tom Carew. He lived with his family near Stirling Lines at Hereford.

In November 2008, Philip Sessarego's body was found decomposed in a garage where he lived for a few months in Antwerp, Belgium, possibly of carbon monoxide poisoning. His remains are undergoing forensic DNA Tests by the Belgian Federal Police who believe it is possible he was murdered as his daughter claims he 'made enemies easily' since many ex/serving SAS Soldiers had 'scores to settle'.

The Channel 4 documentary, My Father the Mercenary, shows his remains being buried in St Martin's Church Hereford.