Philipp Friedrich Böddecker

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Philipp Friedrich Böddecker (christened 5 August 1607 in Hagenau - 8 October 1683 in Stuttgart) was a German court organist and composer.

While organist at the Stiftskirche he engaged in a bitter dispute with Samuel Capricornus at the Württemberg Court. His brother was the cornettist David Böddecker.[1][2]


  1. ^ A catalog of music for the cornett - Page 21 Michael Collyer, Bruce Dickey - 1996 "Böddecker claimed that these parts and the fact that he was required to play the cornettino were harming his health. ... arose from the fact that Capricornus won out over Böddecker's brother, court organist Philipp Friedrich Böddecker,"
  2. ^ Geistliche Harmonien: - Page viii Samuel Capricornus, ed. Paul Walker - 1997 - "He arrived to find a local musician, the court organist Philipp Friedrich Böddecker, resentful for having been passed [over] ... and in one case that he caused Böddecker's brother, normally a cornettist, to sing "so high that it caused him "