Philippe I Louis van de Werve, 1st Baron of Schilde

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Philippe Louis Joseph Ignace van de Werve, 1st Baron of Schilde (1784 – 1834) formed part of a very old, important and noble family of Antwerp.


He is one of the 12 children of Charles III Philippe van de Werve, 1st Count of Vorsselaer and Marie-Anne de Pret.

He married 3 times:

Armes of the baron of Schilde
  • Marie-Alexandrine de Fraule, daughter of Thomas, viscount of Fraula; and of Anne-Louise van Colen.
  • Thérèse Peeters, daughter of Jean, Lord of Aertselar, Lord of Cleydael and Lord of Buerstede; and of Françoise van den Cruyce. The family Peeters was colossalement rich.
  • Marie-Louise della Faille, daughter of Jacque-Abilius della Faille and of Claire della Faille.

He had 2 children with Marie-Louise della Faille:


In 1768 he became by imperial decree 1st Baron of Schilde. Van de Werve was a freemason and member of La Concorde Universelle Lodge in Antwerp.

Philippe I Louis van de Werve, 1st Baron of Schilde
Born: 2 November 1748 Died: 30 November 1834
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Jeanne de Pret
Baron of Schilde
Succeeded by
Jacques van de Werve