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Philippe Decourroux (born November 21, 1962) is a Christian Swiss singer-songwriter. Philippe Bieri took the stage name Philipe Decourroux meaning "from Courroux" (his home town). He's a drummer and singer, but he also plays the piano and the guitar. He wrote a lots of songs and released eight albums.


  • Ambassadeurs (1993)
  • Entre le rose et le noir (1995)
  • Comme avant (1997)
  • Pour mieux t'aimer (1998)
  • Pour toi (2001)
  • Tant qu'il y aura des hommes (2002)
  • Pour toi mon Dieu (Jurassic Praise Band) (2003)
  • Une autre terre (2005)
  • A contre-courant (2007/2008)

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