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Philostratus may refer to any of four members of Philostratus family in ancient Greece:

  • Philostratus I:    Philostratus (son of Verus), the father of Flavius Philostratus, and a sophist.
  • Philostratus II:   Philostratus (Lucius Flavius Philostratus) "the Athenian", (170 – 247) was a Greek sophist of the Roman imperial period.
  • Philostratus IIIPhilostratus of Lemnos (c. 190 – c. 230 AD), a son-in-law and probably nephew of Flavius Philostratus, probably author of the 1st series of Imagines
  • Philostratus IVPhilostratus the Younger (fl. 3rd century AD), grandson of Philostratus of Lemnos; author of a 2nd series of Imagines