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Phiri is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alfred Phiri (born 1974), South African footballer
  • Bobang Phiri (born 1968), South African sprinter
  • David Phiri (1937–2012), Zambian businessman, former Governor of the Central Bank of Zambia and Chairman of the Football Association of Zambia
  • Davies Phiri (born 1976), Zambian football goalkeeper
  • Desmond Dudwa Phiri, Malawian Author, Economist, Historian, and Playwright
  • Dube Phiri (born 1983), Zambian footballer
  • Edwin Phiri (born 1983), Zambian footballer
  • Gerald Phiri (born 1988), Zambian sprinter
  • James Phiri (1969– 2001), Zambian footballer
  • Kinnah Phiri (born 1954), Malawian footballer and coach
  • Lawrence Phiri (born 1987), Zambian footballer
  • Lire Phiri, Lesothan footballer
  • Patrick Phiri (born 1956), Zambian footballer and coach
  • Ray Phiri (born 1947), South African jazz, fusion and mbaqanga musician
  • Willie Phiri (1953–2011), Zambian football midfielder and manager
  • Clement Phiri aka Comz (2013) Founder and CEO of Cater General Solutions Ltd (Zambia)
  • Fredson Alfred Phiri (born 1975), Malawian Electronics Engineering lecturer at University of Namibia and founder of Neno Electronics Systems (Namibia and Malawi)

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