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Phnonpenh MODEL is an electronica band created by Hikaru Kotobuki, a former member of P-Model as somewhat of a joke in order to enter a P-Model cover band contest at a club. They continue to regroup from time to time and have released three studio albums and a live CD from their shows in Paris, Berlin and Tokyo. Key members are Hikaru Kotobuki, Lion Merry (ex-Yapoos and Metrofarce) and Masaaki Taniguchi.


  • Errors of P-MANIA! (1993, HIRASAWA BYPASS, various artists release)
  • Desk Top Hard Lock (1994, DIW/SYUN, as "Kotobuki Hikaru with Phnonpenh MODEL")
  • THE LAST FAMOUS INTERNATIONAL GLUTTONS (1998, Snowdonia, various artists release)
  • melting high/berlin~paris~tokyo (1999, Club Lunatica)
  • SHINONOME (東雲 (しののめ)) (2000, Club Lunatica)
  • General Midge (2007, IRQ, inc.)