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Phobaeticus serratipes.jpg
Phobaeticus serratipes
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Phasmatodea
Family: Phasmatidae
Subfamily: Clitumninae
Tribe: Pharnaciini
Genus: Phobaeticus
Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1907

Phobaeticus albus
Phobaeticus annulatus
Phobaeticus chani
Phobaeticus enganensis
Phobaeticus grandis
Phobaeticus heros
Phobaeticus heusii
Phobaeticus hypharpax
Phobaeticus incertus
Phobaeticus ingens
Phobaeticus kirbyi
Phobaeticus longicornis
Phobaeticus lumawigi
Phobaeticus maximus
Phobaeticus mucrospinosus
Phobaeticus nigricornis
Phobaeticus palawanensis
Phobaeticus philippinica
Phobaeticus pinnipes
Phobaeticus redtenbacheri
Phobaeticus semilunaris
Phobaeticus serratipes
Phobaeticus sinetyi
Phobaeticus sobrinus
Phobaeticus spectabilis
Phobaeticus sumatranus
Phobaeticus tirachus

  • Baculolonga
    Hennemann & Conle, 1997

Phobaeticus is a genus of Asian stick insects comprising over 25 species. It includes some of the longest known insects, including Phobaeticus chani.[1]

The generic name of some species used to be Pharnacia (e.g. Phobaeticus serratipes was known as Pharnacia serratipes).


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