Pholiota adiposa

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Pholiota adiposa
Pholiota aurivella 56647.jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Agaricales
Family: Strophariaceae
Genus: Pholiota
Species: P. adiposa
Binomial name
Pholiota adiposa
(Batsch) P.Kumm. (1871)
  • Agaricus adiposus Batsch (1786)
  • Dryophila adiposa (Batsch) Quél. (1886)
  • Hypodendrum adiposum (Batsch) Overh. (1932)

Pholiota adiposa is a species of fungus in the family Strophariaceae. It was originally described by German naturalist August Batsch in 1786 as a species of Agaricus.[2] Paul Kummer transferred it to the genus Pholiota in 1871.[3] It is found in Europe, where it grows both saprophytically and as a weak parasite on living and dead stems of European beech trees.[4]

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