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PhoneFactor is a multi-factor authentication system which utilizes phone calls to verify identity.[1][2] With multiple out-of-band methods (phone call, text message, and push) and an OAUTH passcode option, PhoneFactor provides flexibility for users and a single multi-factor platform for IT to manage.[3]

PhoneFactor was founded as Positive Networks Inc. in 2001 by Tim Sutton and Steve Dispensa.[4] The PhoneFactor product was launched by Positive Networks in 2007,[5] and the company changed their name to PhoneFactor Inc. in 2009.[4] [6] On October 4, 2012, Microsoft acquired PhoneFactor,[7] and the PhoneFactor service is now available as Azure Multi-Factor Authentication. In addition to securing on-premises applications and identities, the service now also works with cloud applications like Office 365 that use Windows Azure Active Directory.


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