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Photo Researchers
Founded 1957 (1957)
  • Peter Schults
Headquarters Manhattan, New York City, New York

Photo Researchers is a stock photo agency based in Manhattan, New York City, New York. Founded in 1957 by Peter Schults, it represented 2,000 photographers in 1993.


Founded in 1957[1] by Peter Schults[2] Photo Researchers is a stock photo agency[3] based in Manhattan, New York City, New York.[1] In 1996, Schults sold his controlling interest in Photo Researchers to the company's managers, Robert Zentmaier and Bug Sutton, who had had a minority interest.[4]

Some of the agency's customers are advertising agencies and book, newspaper, and periodical publishers.[5] In the 1970s, Photo Researchers helped license Barry Lopez's photographs.[2] In 1993, Photo Researchers represented 2,000 photographers.[1] In 1993, its Science Source had 60,000 images and its Nature Source had 500,000 images.[1] Nature Source consists of the original image collection of the National Audubon Society.[1] Andy Warhol referenced photos from this archive for his 1983 series on endangered species.

Photo Researchers' images are used by technical and textbook publishers, newspapers and magazines, as well as broadcast and internet media.[5] They are a resource for commercial art buyers, hospitals and HMOs, scientists, physicians, educators, and students. They also provide material to universities (e.g. MIT, Harvard University and Johns Hopkins) and museums (e.g. the American Museum of Natural History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Field Museum of Natural History).

In 2013, Photo Researchers decided that it wanted its potential buyers to be looking for science and medical images, which it now focused on. As such, it merged Photo Researchers, Nature Source and Science Source and used the Science Source name for the result.[6]


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