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Phú Quý District

Huyện đảo Phú Quý
Phú Quý Island District
Phú Quý District is located in Vietnam
Phú Quý District
Phú Quý District
Coordinates: 10°32′N 108°57′E / 10.533°N 108.950°E / 10.533; 108.950
Country Vietnam
RegionSouth East
ProvinceBình Thuận Province
Time zoneUTC+7 (UTC + 7)

Phú Quý is a small island located about 100 km from Phan Thiết city, Vietnam. Only the rocky, northern half of the island is inhabited, with a population of 20,698 people.[1]

During the French Indochina era, the official name of the island was Poulo-Cécir-de-Mer.[2]


Phú Quý district comprises a total of ten islands, with Phú Quý Island being the largest. The island is 16.5 km² in area. The district is 120 km south- east of Phan Thiết, 150 km south of Cam Ranh, 120 km east of Vũng Tàu, 333 km northeast of Con Son and 540 km west of the Spratly Islands. The highest point on the island is Mount Cam Dat, at 106 m. The north of the island is rocky, while the south consists mostly of sand.


Phú Quý island has three districts:

  • Ngũ Phụng: Phú An (1), Thương Châu (2), Quý Thạnh (3)
  • Tam Thanh: Mỹ Khê (4), Hội An (5), Triều Dương (6)
  • Long Hải: Phú Long (7), Đông Hải (8), Quý Hải (9), Tân Hải (10).

Note: The numbers in parentheses () is the former village name.


Phú Quý is calling for domestic and foreign investors to invest in the island. Ideally to develop infrastructure, especially airports and hotels to serve tourists.


Transport routes connecting the mainland and Phú Quý island are limited. During calm seas, the journey by ferry can take up to six hours, limiting tourism. However, in mid-2010, the cooperative shipping company Fortune put into operation a mid-speed ferry, shortening travel time to Phú Quý island to approximately 2.5-3h.

2017 - the mid-speed ferry was stopped in 2015 and after a year was replaced with a ferry that takes 4 hours running alongside the 6 hour ferry. In 2018 the mid-speed ferry was reinstated and now travel to the island takes 2.5 hours in favourable conditions.

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Coordinates: 10°32′N 108°57′E / 10.533°N 108.950°E / 10.533; 108.950

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  2. ^ Pulo Cica de Terre or Poulo Cecir de Terre is another small island near the coast (cù lao Câu, hòn Cau, hòn Lao).