Physicians' Council for Responsible Reform

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The Physicians' Council for Responsible Reform is an advocacy group in the United States which opposes proposed legislation which would change health care funding.

According to its own website, the council seeks "to defeat Members of Congress who support 'ObamaCare' in the upcoming 2010 elections."[1] The group, created by U.S. Representative Tom Price as a front for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC),[1][2] solicits physicians throughout the U.S. for donations, by sending faxes and letters containing different lists of 100 names of physicians, implying to the target of the correspondence that the other named physicians have already chosen to join the council.[3] However, the names of physicians are used without their permission.[1][3] Since June 2009, the NRCC has raised more than $1.2 million this way,[1] and smaller news outlets have run articles claiming their local physicians are among only 100 individuals chosen to "serve" on the council.[4][5][6]


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