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Cover of Il Piccolo Ranger, September 1976.

Il Piccolo Ranger (i.e. "The Little Ranger") is an Italian comic book series created by writer Andrea Lavezzolo in tandem with illustrator Francesco Gamba and later developed by numerous authors.

A traditional western series addressed to a young audience, it debuted in 1958 and was published until 1985.[1][2] Until 1963, Il Piccolo Ranger comic books also featured in their appendix episodic stories featuring other characters, including works by Hugo Pratt, Guido Nolitta and Dino Battaglia.[1] It was released fortnightly until 1971, then monthly until its cancellation.[2] Between 1995-1996 a collection series in 13 paperback volumes was published in a limited edition by Editrice Dardo.[2]

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