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Pickaxe Pete (Europe)
Pick Axe Pete! (US)
Pickaxe Pete Coverart.png
Designer(s)Ed Averett[1]
Platform(s)Philips Videopac (Europe)
Magnavox Odyssey² (US)

Pickaxe Pete is cartridge number 43 in the official Philips line of video games for the Philips Videopac. In North America, it was released as Pick Axe Pete! for the Magnavox Odyssey² console. In Brazil, Pickaxe Pete was re-branded as Didi na Mina Encantada (Didi in the Enchanted Mine) for Odyssey (Brazil's version of the Philips Videopac).[2] Pickaxe Pete was designed by Ed Averett, who wrote the majority of the games for the Odyssey².[1]

A U.S. national competition, "The Pick Axe Pete Pick-Off," was held at the World's Fair in October 1982.[3][4]


The player controls a miner named Pickaxe Pete, and starts off in the middle of the screen with a pick-axe. There are three doors from which boulders are coming, bouncing down the mine-shafts; every time Pete destroys one of these he gains 3 points, although the axe wears out after a while and disappears. When two boulders collide, they explode, and out comes either a pick-axe which floats to the bottom of the screen, a key which floats to the top, or nothing. If Pete has no axe, the player can either jump over boulders (gaining him 1 point), or get to the bottom of the mine to retrieve a new axe (gaining a 5-point bonus). If Pete collects a key then he can enter the doors, which lead him to the next level.[3]


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