Pictures of the Old World

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Pictures of the Old World
Pictures of the Old World.jpg
Directed by Dušan Hanák
Produced by Juraj Král
Screenplay by Dušan Hanák
Starring Ladislav Chudík
Music by Václav Hálek
Cinematography Alojz Hanúsek
Edited by Alfréd Benčič
Slovenský film Bratislava, Štúdio hraných filmov Bratislava - Koliba
Distributed by Slovenský filmový ústav
Release date
  • 1972 (1972)
Running time
64 minutes
Country Czechoslovakia
Language Slovak

Pictures of the Old World (Slovak: Obrazy starého sveta) is a 1972 Slovak documentary film by Dušan Hanák. The film is about old people who seemingly live at the edge of society.[1] Pictures of the Old World was voted in 2000 by Slovak critics as the best Slovak film of all time.[2] The film won the Best Non-Fiction Film at 1990 Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards. The film was banned until 1988 and so it is officially premiered in July 1988.[3]


The film consists of dialogues with old people who haven't been "deformed by civilisation." The film tries to find answers to questions of human existence. People featured in the film tell their life stories that are linked to their ancestors customs. Their lives are often sad and unhappy. All of them are the evidence of human power and freemasonry. The most of them live the remain of their lives lonely with animals as their only friends.[4]

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