Piemonte Agency for Investments, Export and Tourism

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Piemonte Agency for Investments, Export and Tourism
Logo centro estero per internazionalizzazione ceipiemonte.jpg
Formation 2006
Legal status Public Consortium
Headquarters corso Regio Parco 27, 10152 Torino Italy
Region served
Giuseppe Donato
Website centroestero.org

Piemonte Agency for Investments, Export and Tourism is the public body in charge of the internazionalization of Piemonte territory. Piemonte Agency main activities and institutional goals are:

  • supporting and aiding companies that want to locate in Piemonte
  • matching the local production offer with the needs expressed by international markets
  • promoting abroad Piedmontese wine, food and specialties
  • promoting the region’s tourist resources in the world
  • training human resources on key subjects related to international trade and commercial strategies.

Piemonte Agency Foundation[edit]

Piemonte Agency HQ in Torino, Italy

Piemonte Agency was founded in 2006 by Piemonte Region and Unioncamere Piemonte (the Union of Chambers of Commerce of Piemonte), in conjunction with business associations and the academic world, to strengthen the international role of the area and its potential. It is the first Italian institution bringing together all activities carried out by pre-existing local organizations operating for the internationalization of the territory:

  • Centro Estero Camere Commercio Piemontesi (support to the international business relations development of local SMEs)
  • ITP, Invest in Turin and Piedmont
  • Consorzio Piemontese di Formazione (managerial training programmes on international trade for both Italians and foreigners)
  • MKTP (planning and layout of location marketing strategies)
  • all international activities run by IMA (Agroalimentary Marketing Institute) and by ATR (Regional Agency for Tourist Promotion).


Promoting members are Piemonte Regional Government and Unioncamere Piemonte (Union of Piemonte Chambers of Commerce).

Other members are: all the Chambers of Commerce of Piemonte, the Chamber of Commerce of Aosta, local bodies as Torino City Council, Torino Province Council and the Association of Piemonte Provinces, Piemonte Universities (Polytechnic University of Turin, University of Torino, University of Alessandria, Novara and Vercelli), trade association as ABI (National Banks Association), Casartigiani Piemonte (Piemonte Craftsmen Association), CNA Piemonte (Piemonte Confederation of Small Business and Craft Firms), Coldiretti (Regional Agricultural Association), Confapi Piemonte (Confederation of Small Enterprises Association), Confartigianato Piemonte (Handicraft Federation), Confcommercio Piemonte (General Confederation of Trade, Tourism, Services and SMEs), Confindustria Piemonte (Federation of Employer's Association).

International Network[edit]

Piemonte Agency International Network is aimed at promoting the development of business between Piemonte and foreign countries. The network guarantees interlocutors information on the region and the opportunities it offers and encourages industrial, commercial and technological cooperation. It includes the field offices owned by the Torino Chamber of Commerce - Desk Estero, the bureau settled in Bruxelles by Unioncamere (Union of Piemonte Chambers of Commerce) and other offices belonging to business associations. New cooperation agreements between local and international institutions will allow to enlarge the network. Desks are located in: Central and Eastern Europe: Albania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia and Slovakia [1] Mediterranean countries: Morocco, Turkey The Americas: Brazil, Chile, Mexico, USA, Peru Asia: China, India, Japan, South Korea Middle East: Qatar, Iraqi Kurdistan.


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