Pierre-Antoine-Augustin de Piis

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Pierre-Antoine-Augustin de Piis
Piis painted by Lagrenée in 1810.
Born 1755
Died 1832
Occupation man of letters, playwright
Nationality French
Notable works Les Solitaires de Normandie, le Savetier et le Financier

Pierre-Antoine-Augustin (17 September 1755, Paris – 22 May 1832, Paris), chevalier de Piis was a French dramatist and man of letters. With Pierre-Yves Barré he was one of the co-founders of Paris's Théâtre du Vaudeville.

He was the son of Pierre-Joseph de Piis, chevalier de Saint-Louis and major to the Cap Français, and as such was intended for service in France's colonial army. However, due to his delicate health, he gave up the military and completed at the collège d'Harcourt the studies he had begun at the Louis le-Grand.


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