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Pierre Decock

Pierre Decock, born August 19, 1959 in Belgium, is a Luxembourg historian, writer, comic draftsman, illustrator, painter, computer scientist and financial adviser.

He has lived and worked in Luxembourg since 1985 and became a citizen in 2003. He writes in French language.

Early life[edit]

He studied contemporary history.


Decock began his career as a historian. He published articles on the “Dame blanche”, a secret network in the First World War, and a biography of Gabrielle Petit, a Belgian heroine in that war.


In 1985, Decock settled in Luxembourg as a computer scientist and financial adviser. He illustrated some publications and drew comics, particularly in the child newspaper “Zack.”

His first novel, Toccata, is similar to The Da Vinci Code, with an original composition of Bach playing a central role. The story is set in Luxembourg and in Baden-Württemberg. In 2008 Toccata received the “Reader prize of the Greater Region” (Prix des lecteurs de la Grande-région).

His second novel, De Profundis, sets the young Luxembourg policeman João Da Costa Rebelo after a serial killer.

Selected publications[edit]

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