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Pierre Lantier (30 April 1910 – 4 April 1998) was a composer and pianist, and the husband of fellow composer Paule Maurice.

Born in Marseilles, Lantier was affiliated with the Paris Conservatory;[1] and in 1937 he won the prestigious Prix de Rome composition scholarship (a prize he shared with Victor Serventi).[2] One of his most widely known works is a Sicilienne for alto saxophone and piano.[3] His many other chamber-music pieces include Andante et Scherzetto, for saxophone quartet; an Introduction, Romance, et Allegro, for bass trombone and piano; a sonata for trumpet and piano; and Euskaldunak, a sonata for alto saxophone and piano.

His larger-scale compositions include a Requiem (premiered in 1981), as well as three works for piano and orchestra.[4] His music continues to be championed by present-day conductor Patrick Botti.[5]

Pierre Lantier died on 4 April 1998 in Ollioules, in southeastern France.[6]


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