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Pierre Roose
president of the Brussels Privy Council
In office
Monarch Philip IV of Spain
Governor General Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand of Austria (1633–1641)
Francisco de Melo (1641–1644)
Marquis of Castel Rodrigo (1644–1647)
Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria (1647–1656)
Preceded by Engelbert Maes
Succeeded by Charles de Hovyne
Personal details
Born 1585 or 1586
Died 27 February 1673
Resting place Church of St Gudula, Brussels
Parents Jean Roose and Marie Kinschot
Education civil law
Alma mater Leuven University

Pierre Roose (1585 or 1586 – 27 February 1673), lord of Froidmont, Han and Jemeppe, was president of the Brussels Privy Council from 1632 to 1653, and a key actor in the government of the Habsburg Netherlands for over twenty years.[1]


After studying civil law at Leuven University, Roose started legal practice in Brussels. On 18 March 1616 he was appointed advocate fiscal of the Council of Brabant. On 8 May 1622 he became a member and master of requests of the Privy Council in Brussels. In 1624, when the customs of the city of Mons were being codified, he was deputized by the Privy Council to safeguard the rights of the prince in the resulting publication. In 1627 he was sent to the Franche-Comté to troubleshoot corruption in the county's salt works.

In 1628 Roose was sent to Spain, where Philip IV of Spain appointed him a councillor of state on 14 January 1630, and in December of the same year a member of the Supreme Council of Flanders.[2] In 1632 returned to Brussels to replace Engelbert Maes as president of the Privy Council. He effectively became civilian head of government in Brussels, despite the rivalry for pre-eminence of Ferdinand de Boisschot, chancellor of Brabant.


Roose had been a close friend of Cornelius Jansen. After Pope Urban VIII condemned Jansen's work Augustinus (1640), Roose opposed publication of the papal bull in the Habsburg Netherlands. This contributed to his fall from favour under Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria (governor general 1647–1656). He was replaced as president of the Privy Council by Charles de Hovyne on 23 December 1653.

He died on 27 February 1673 and was buried in the Blessed Sacrament chapel of the Church of St Gudula, Brussels (now a cathedral) on 14 March.


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