Pierrot the Clownfish

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Cover of the book.

Pierrot Le Poisson-Clown (ISBN 2-9519138-1-8) (English: Pierrot the Clownfish) is a French children's book by author Franck Le Calvez.

Disney lawsuit[edit]

In 2003, Le Calvez filed suit against Pixar and its distribution company Walt Disney Pictures, claiming that the story and the characters from this book were plagiarized in the film Finding Nemo. The author and his lawyer, Pascal Kamina, demanded from Disney a share of the profits from merchandising articles sold in France. Le Calvez and Kamina lost the lawsuit on March 12, 2004 and intended to file an appeal on October 5, 2004;[1] however, to date there has been no further action taken against Pixar on the matter.


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