Pine Point, Springfield, Massachusetts

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Pine Point is a neighborhood in Springfield, Massachusetts. Located along Boston Road -- one of Springfield's commercial thoroughfares, home to the Eastfield Mall -- the middle-class Pine Point neighborhoods features streets of cozy capes and ranches as well as some of the most interesting Craftsman style bungalows in the region. [1] Pine Point is located in the center of the city, beginning about two and a half miles from the Metro Center neighborhood. It is the seventh largest of Springfield's seventeen neighborhoods, containing 1,240 acres plus right of way and water bodies. Principal boundaries are the Boston & Albany Railroad to the north; the North Branch of the Mill River to the south; Cobb and Methuen Streets to the east; and Roosevelt Avenue to the west.

The neighborhood features Pine Point Library and city parks surrounding Five Mile Pond and Loon Pond, providing places to swim, fish, boat, and picnic. The High School of Science & Technology and Putnam Vocational High School are found in this neighborhood.

The headquarters of MassMutual, a Fortune 100 company - one of Massachusetts' top 2 companies by $billions of earnings - is located on State Street in the Pine Point neighborhood. [1]


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Coordinates: 42°7′15.2″N 72°31′47.9″W / 42.120889°N 72.529972°W / 42.120889; -72.529972